Expert Plant Parenting Tips For Beginners

Expert Plant Parenting Tips For Beginners

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If the plant-parenting trend has reeled you in, there’s no doubt you’re eager to visit your local nursery and start your journey. However, plant care is not as straightforward as some might assume; you’ll need a lot more than a selection of vibrant plants in cute pots.

Some plants are hardy and can thrive with little water and hardly any sunlight, while others can be exceptionally picky, demanding daily watering and perfect soil conditions. So, to help you avoid losing your houseplants soon after you welcome them home, we’ve rounded up a list of expert plant parenting tips for beginners.

Invest In The Essential Plant Tools

Whether you only want to keep indoor plants or you want to liven up your backyard as well, it’s crucial to have all the right tools. Otherwise, you won’t be able to give your plants the caring environment they need.

The basic tools for indoor gardening include a hand shovel, a hand gardening fork, a watering can, hand pruning sheers, and gardening gloves. Seasonal gardening tools like organic compost, hanging planters, garden pots, plant food, and fertilizer are all worthwhile extras you will need later on.

Understand The Natural Lighting In Your Home

Before you start picking houseplants, it’s crucial to understand the natural lighting in your home. Some houseplants demand six a few hours of bright, direct sunlight, while others may wilt in the same conditions.

The only way to ensure you bring the right plants home is to understand the lighting your home provides. Simply walk through your house at various intervals in the day to determine which areas of your home are exposed to the most direct and indirect light.

Choose Planters With Drainage

While plant pots without drainage holes might offer a sleek look, it can be tricky to avoid root rot with these planters, especially as a beginner. Instead, invest in planters that have drainage holes to let excess water out.

Use Soil Moisture Level Meters

While overwatering your plants is a deadly mistake, underwatering plants can be just as devastating to the health of your houseplant.

To avoid accidentally over or underwatering your plants, soil moisture level meters are pretty handy. Instead of guessing and hoping for the best, use these meters in your plant pots.

Top Up Soil

Over time, watering your plants will cause the soil to compress and shrink, eventually exposing more of the plant’s roots. Topping up soil levels every couple of months will keep plant roots covered and healthy.

Re-Pot Annually

Even though some plants enjoy being a bit cramped in their pots, it’s essential to re-pot plants at least once a year to give roots more room to grow. If the plant roots are compressed in the same pot for too long, the plant won’t be able to absorb enough nutrients, and this can inevitably stunt growth.

Plant parenting is an enriching hobby that has so many great health benefits. While you will need to invest in gardening essentials, learn about your home’s lighting, and understand the basics of plant care, indoor gardening is a hobby anyone can enjoy.

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