Superstition Ain’t the Way!

Superstition - magpies

I’ll set the scene for you: I’m on the phone, I’m looking for a pen. I walk into the room that my husband and I share (he uses his half as office space, I use my half as sewing space and general dumping ground for the things which have no home elsewhere). I stop. I look at his desk. My heart starts thumping.

There is a PAIR OF SHOES on his DESK.

‘So, what?’ you may ask.

This is HORRIFYING to me.

Not for the hygiene issues. Not for the fact that something is out-of-place. It’s the fact that shoes are on the table…and that’s BAD LUCK.

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Living with an Insomniac

Awake is the new sleep

Sleep is for the weak, or so they say…

You know how most of us muddle through life, not giving a second thought to our daily to-ings and fro-ings, unaware that the things which have become normality to us are, in reality, quite  random and out of the ordinary?

I had two wake up calls recently (if you’ll pardon the unintended pun) which made me realise that my life is out-of-the ordinary.

The first was a conversation with my husband in which we calculated that we spend an average of 4 hours a week (if we’re lucky) actually asleep in the same bed.

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A little perspective, please?

A little perspective, please?

I’ve just been reading Angie’s post over at ‘A Whole Lot of Nothing’ on her perspective around gay rights and I wanted to write a post about it, because I honestly couldn’t agree more.

I think in this day and age it’s absolutely ASTOUNDING that people still take issue with others because of their sexuality. You can quote all the bible passages at me you like, but I will say this. For every quote ‘condemning’ homosexuality, there is another which says that God loves EVERYONE:

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R.I.P. Sir Norman.

Norman Wisdom

We awake this morning to the sad news that Sir Norman Wisdom has passed away. He lived to the grand old age of 95, despite suffering with heart problems and having had a series of strokes in the last 6 months. He will be fondly remembered by people all over the world (apparently he was a cult hero in Albania!) and was described by Charlie Chaplin as his “favourite clown”.

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Aim for the…stores?

Academic Barbie?

I wanted to share with you some song lyrics from a Barbie book that was given to my little girl.

It’s called “Barbie Dress Up Songs” and it’s one of those books with buttons at the side so that when you press the button with a corresponding picture to the page that you are on, a tune (albeit a hideous, 8-bit monstrosity of a tune) plays, and you can sing along.

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What am I so afraid of?


This is my first post on my new blog, and as I sit here there is one prevailing emotion which bubbles up with every ‘clickety-click’ of my keyboard.


I read some other blogs. Okay, I read a lot of blogs. Mainly those of the kick arse girls over at Aiming Low. I sit there and read these blogs and think “Wow, these girls think exactly like I do. I could write a blog too”. And do you know how many times I have set up my own blog?

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