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The 3 Steps To Set Up The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

The 3 Steps To Set Up The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Photo by Maria Orlova

Outdoor kitchens have become a favorite among homeowners and for good reason. When you have an outdoor kitchen you can prepare your favorite dishes while enjoying the fresh air and company of loved ones. Instead of being satisfied with throwing a few burgers on a grill, you can have a gourmet experience out in the yard. 

Setting one up can take on a lot of different forms, yet, there are a few essentials to get right to make sure that you are creating the right space. You have the option to set it up under a pergola, use your back deck, or create a unique space. In this article, we will give you several tips on how to set up the ultimate outdoor kitchen to enjoy. 

1 – Assess your space

Before you can buy any equipment or break any ground on the location for your kitchen, begin by looking at the space you have available. Do you have a large patio with luxury outdoor furniture or just a small corner in your backyard? Your available space will guide many of your decisions, from layout to the types of appliances you can fit.

You should also consider the logistics of the area you have available. For instance, are there trees that need to be dealt with? Is the area very windy or too exposed to the sun? These issues will determine how you approach the build out of the space. 

Lastly, try to understand your main purpose for this outdoor space. If you are thinking of hosting big barbecues with loads of smoked meats then the space will need to accommodate a grill for that. If your idea is more laid back then a smaller space will suffice.

2 – Choose the right appliances

Selecting the right appliances will not only determine how you’ll cook but also how much you’ll enjoy the process. At its most basic, an outdoor kitchen will likely have a grill. This can be a simple charcoal grill or a more elaborate gas setup. 

Other kitchen fixtures can be added to this set up. For instance, you could add a small refrigerator to the kitchen. This will give you a lot of flexibility since you don’t need to run for ingredients that need to be kept cool. 

A sink is another great addition to keep everything clean and give you access to water for cooking. 

3 – Think about storage

Just as in an indoor kitchen, having a place for everything can make the cooking process more efficient and enjoyable. Instead of dragging utensils, pots, and condiments from inside every time you cook, proper storage in your outdoor kitchen ensures everything you need is within reach.

Cabinets or drawers near the grill or cooking are a must. These storage spaces should be weatherproof, keeping your items safe from rain, excessive heat, or even curious animals.

Think about food storage as well. If you don’t plan to invest in a fridge, insulated coolers or storage bins can be incorporated into your design.

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