How to Spot Fake Mansur Gavriel

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Mansur Gavriel is an iconic brand. Worried about getting a fake Mansur Gavriel? We have all you need to know about authenticating this top designer brand!

Mansur Gavriel is one of the most popular designers when it comes to beautiful, well-made Italian leather bags and purses. Their iconic bucket bag is one of the most sought-after purses by celebrities and regular folks alike, and once you’ve owned one yourself, it’s easy to see why. Because their bags have such a following, this also means there’s a higher chance that you may encounter a fake Mansur Gavriel. While some people may actively seek out a knock off (because of the lower price point) most customers don’t want to be duped into paying hard earned money for a piece that isn’t authentic Mansur Gavriel.

That’s why in today’s article, we’re going to discuss:

  • Where to get legit Mansur Gavriel products
  • How to spot a fake Mansur Gavriel
  • How to authenticate Mansur Gavriel
  • Our top Mansur Gavriel bags right now

Where to buy Mansur Gavriel

Where is Mansur Gavriel from, and where can you get their items?

Mansur Gavriel was founded in 2013 by two designers, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, who wanted to share their love of simple and functional designs that were also works of art. The result? Some of the prettiest, but durable, bags you can find on the market. They craft their designs using only the finest Italian leather, which can last for many seasons when properly cared for. Since they launched their first design, the bucket tote, they’ve expanded to include all kinds of bags, including clutches, crossbodies, minis, shoulder bags, and wallets as well. Additionally, they’ve also launched a footwear division that includes ballet flats, boots, loafers, heels, and sandals—all made with the same attention to detail and quality leather. 

If you want to get your hands on authentic Mansur Gavriel, you should definitely check out their official site and browse through all the latest designs—as well as some of their most popular bags and shoes. Looking for some Mansur Gavriel at a discount? You’re in luck because they also have a sale section, where you can find items from previous seasons or that are on final sale for a nice price.

Another great place to pick up all the best Mansur Gavriel items is Shopbop. Here you’ll find an extensive selection of bags and shoes, which are all authentic Mansur Gavriel. If you’re shopping on a budget, make sure to check out the sale section here as well and peruse items that are on sale for a deep discount!

You can also find Mansur Gavriel products at upscale department stores like Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus. This is a great way to check out their products in person, whether you want a closer look at their bucket bag, or have had your eye on a pair of the shoes. Mansur Gavriel is also available at a variety of online outlets such as Net A Porter, Zalando, and Moda Operandi among others. If you enjoy consignment shopping, you’ll also find Mansur Gavriel items on Poshmark.

When does Mansur Gavriel restock?

Mansur Gavriel does its best to keep popular items in stock. But like most brands, sometimes the products that most customers want are out of stock. There is no set day or season when they restock, so you’ll need to check back on their site to see when an item has been restocked. You can also sign up to be on their email list, which will let you know when your favorite products, sizes, or colors are available for purchase again.

How to spot fake Mansur Gavriel

What are the best ways to spot a fake Mansur Gavriel?

Know what to look for when it comes to spotting a fake Mansur Gavriel.

Image courtesy of Mansur Gavriel.

While it may be tempting to seek out a Mansur Gavriel fake because of the lower price point, it’s important to keep in mind some of the issues that arise from doing so. First, a knock off is a direct violation of a brand’s intellectual property, and it puts people out of a job. You can’t source the fake item, so you never know where your money is actually going, which could be to a criminal element. 

There are a variety of things to consider if you want to avoid purchasing a fake.

  • Know the source. If you’re shopping online, it can be a little more difficult to tell if a bag is fake because you aren’t touching the product. This is why getting a feel for the site you’re buying it from is so important. Dig around and check the FAQs and About Us sections to see if they’re offering an authentic guarantee. If the site looks spammy or poorly put together, chances are they’re selling fakes. 
  • Check the images. Make sure the image is of the exact bag you’re interested in. If the description is for a black bag, but the image is tan, ask for pictures that you can zoom in on (to check for labels) and determine that this is in fact the authentic bag you want to purchase.
  • Examine the trim and zipper. The trim of designer bags typically have a wax casing applied over any of the rough edges. If this appears sloppy or uneven, it should raise some questions. The same goes for the zipper. If you’re handling the bag in person, the zipper should easily slide smoothly, with no jerky stops and starts.
  • Check the lining. If you have the bag in person, make sure it smells like leather, and that the lining is evenly applied, with no change in the color or texture. 
  • Compare prices. When a product is offered at a price that makes you think it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Check around other sites (or retailers) and see what price they’re asking for the same bag. This is a designer bag, so it’s unlikely you’ll find any of the Mansur Gavriel purses or shoes for under $100.

How to authenticate Mansur Gavriel

Make sure you know how to tell a real Mansur Gavriel from a fake

One of the best ways to check if an item is real or fake if you’re shopping online is to check out the specs of the bag from either the Mansur Gavriel site, or from a trust site that only sells authentic items. You can zoom in and get a look at what the bag should look like, and then compare it to the item on the site you want to purchase it from.

If you’re in person, keep in mind where you’re buying it from. Mansur Gavriel is only sold at a few places, and you won’t find their products at discount stores or pop up vendors. There are a few key ways you can easily authenticate a Mansur Gavriel product.

Adjustable straps

Most of their bags come with an adjustable strap that can be removed. If you find a bag that doesn’t either have a strap, or if it isn’t adjustable, chances are it is a fake. 

Gold label

A lot of the Mansur Gavriel bags include the brand’s logo written in gold font on the outside of the bag. If it is not on the outside, (such is the case with the Soft Lady bag) open the flap and you should find the logo on the inside of the purse with Made in Italy below it.


All of Mansur Gavriel’s items are made of leather, whether it’s calfskin, lambskin, goatskin, or vegan leather. They also have a variety of textures, but never any synthetic material. This is easier to confirm if you’re shopping in person, as the smell of leather is very distinct. 

Our favorite Mansur Gavriel bags you need in your closet

Snag these bags at any of the approved stockists or authenticated sites today!

This little black bag will go with any outfit.

Image courtesy of Shopbop.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated purse you can take with you anywhere, then consider picking up the M Frame Baguette available at Shopbop. This purse is made of smooth cowhide and features gold-toned hardware and textile lining. You’ll love the asymmetrical topline that includes a double zip closure to keep your items safe and secure.

This tote has room for all the items you need on a daily basis.

Image courtesy of Shopbop.

Looking for a stylish bag that can carry all your essentials, and more? Then look no further than the small zip tote. This big, beautiful bag is made out of goatskin, and features a sturdy, structured silhouette, a zipper closure, and a pouch interior pocket. With comfortable shoulder straps, this will be your go-to tote in no time. 

Don’t get duped by a Mansur Gavriel fake, shop authentic! 

Make sure you don’t get a Mansur Gavriel fake—do your research and shop at an approved stockist or website. 

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