Toddler Sleep – Something’s COT to give…

Co-sleeping is sometimes the best way for everyone to get some sleep.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk:

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

So, after my post about Sausage sleeping in our bedroom, our situation has now officially morphed into a co-sleeping one. For the last week or so, Sausage’s sleep has been very fitful. On the worst night I was up with her FIVE times. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s her cot that’s causing the issues with sleep.

Sausage is a serious wriggler in her sleep, which means she spends more time on top of her duvet, than actually under it. I’m a pretty light sleeper these days and I hear the ‘rustle-rustle-thump’ which means that she’s successfully managed to extricate her legs from the covers about 5 times a night. The trouble is, it’s getting colder. When she would kick her duvet off in the summer, it wasn’t a big deal, she runs quite hot anyway, so she was generally okay. But a couple of nights ago she was actually calling out “I’m coooold” in her sleep. So Husband and I have been up and down like the preverbial yo-yo, covering her over and tucking her in.

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There were three in the bed, and the little one said…

Do you co sleep with your little ones?

…well, not literally in the same bed, but the same bedROOM.

You see, Sausage still sleeps in the same room as Husband and I. Well, okay, sometimes she’ll sleep in our bed, too!

I say ‘still’…as far as I’m concerned, she can sleep in our room until she can say “Mummy, I’m sick of listening to you and Daddy snoring”. But I’ve noticed lately a few ‘looks’ if it comes into conversation with other parents. We’re aware that most two-year-olds sleep in their own room, in fact plenty of parents put their kids straight into a nursery, but Husband and I were never able to do that.

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Aim for the…stores?

Academic Barbie?

I wanted to share with you some song lyrics from a Barbie book that was given to my little girl.

It’s called “Barbie Dress Up Songs” and it’s one of those books with buttons at the side so that when you press the button with a corresponding picture to the page that you are on, a tune (albeit a hideous, 8-bit monstrosity of a tune) plays, and you can sing along.

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